Friday, September 28, 2018


Don't judge me because of the many reasons I dislike "Judge" Brett
Kavanaugh, a Supreme Court nominee.

1) His demeanor at yesterday's hearing re. being accused of sexual
     assault...he reacted in such an angry, belligerent manner
     twisting and distorting answers to slid away from the

2) Proclaiming his school achievements instead of answering
    a question.

3) Over emotional...crying often, needlessly.

4) Anger that turned to rage...a defensive posture that
     was so offensive to watch.

5) Making himself the victim 

6) Disturbing reliance on a calendar he kept from his

7) Announcing his late introduction into sex to defend
     his actions...being a "virgin" for a very long time.
This man is attempting to get a lifetime job on the Supreme
Court...a favorite of Donald Trump. He would turn back the
clock with his conservative ideals...women would be his
victims re. his pro-life leanings on abortion, limiting birth
control, etc.

His unstable emotional state during the hearing should,
alone, disqualify him for a Supreme Court position. The
American people would be stuck with this emotionally
stunted boy/man...with little or no integrity.