Sunday, November 5, 2017

ACLU Rescues 10 Year Old Girl Held By ICE

Rosa Maria, the young girl that I previously wrote about,
has been released from ICE custody and was reunited with 
her family. 

Targeted for deportation while awaiting emergency surgery, 
she was taken to an internment center after. During this
ordeal she was separated from her family. Why was she the 
object of this should never have happened.

Rescued by the ACLU, her future is uncertain...I fear for 
her and all those living in the dread of deportation by this
Hitleresque Administration. Their tactics have to change...
too many people are forced to live in the shadows while,
somehow, trying to improve their lives...

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Beyond Belief...Deportation Horror Story for 10 Year Old Girl in Trumpland...

Trump's "Twilight Zone" is ever present. Today I read about
a 10 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy being detained by 
Federal Immigration authorities in Texas. Rosamaria
was on her way to have emergency gall bladder surgery.
Border agents (ICE) followed  her to the hospital and waited 
for her to have surgery...outside her room...until they could arrest her and take her to a detention center, 150 miles away from her parent's home. This is described as "an internment camp" for migrant children.

Her parents are undocumented immigrants living in Laredo,
Texas. ICE agents lied to the family about where she was, saying she'd been taken to a hospital in Mexico and not to Corpus Christie, where she actually was. How will she recover from this trauma?

I was 10 when I was hospitalized...having seizures I couldn't ask my parents to stay with me...I couldn't speak. I can remember the horrible feeling of abandonment and fear...

The torture this family is going through is wrong and so
cruel. This girl posed no threat...her family was desperate to help her. The inhumanity of this most unreasonable "kidnapping"
must be resolved and never happen again.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel For President

During the presidential election, Jimmy Kimmel, on his late night show of the same name, ran a comical campaign to be Vice

He definitely should have seriously run for President as he has displayed an amazing ability to confront the crazy, cruel GOP politics each night in his monologue. Most recently regarding the health care bill that is totally awful for all Americans. He stressed how Republican Senator Bill Cassidy had lied to him on the show regarding the benefits...totally lied. He showed a clip of the interview...and was able to break down the deception and very clearly explain the problems with the bill that would endanger us all.

Why don't we have sane, rational people like Jimmy running the government??

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cape Cod Seascapes...My Painting Passion

I've lived in the seaside town of Chatham for many years.
From the first time I visited, I was entranced by the beauty of the area. 

Surrounded by water on three sides, it extends out to sea, being the
most easterly point of Massachusetts. While driving around the beach areas, in summer,  a magical panorama of blooming
roses and wild flowers, day lilies and hibiscus come to life.

Colorful fishing boats dot the sea views to magnetize you further into this dreamy setting.

An exhibiting artists, I'm constantly inspired to paint what I see around me...seascapes and garden vistas of Chatham and Cape

Please view my website: 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My Father Escaped Nazi Germany...He Would Deplore The Movement Here

My Father left his charming German village, situated in Bavaria, in the Black Forest in, 1928.  His mother implored him to come to the US when she realized the danger Hitler was imposing on the country.

Now, the US is under a darkness, with the horrific racism...the 
Hitleresque groups contaminating the country, more and more.
The Internet is contributing to enlisting people who are 

My Father would decry the hate groups that are rising up,
feeling empowered by the President, Steven Miller, Steve
Bannon and Sebastian Gorka. Their desire to clamp down
on free speech and human rights has no place in the White place in our global society.

The misery created by racism appears to be imploding. What
would my Father do if he was here now...where would he 
want to flee...

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

An Unreachable, Unteachable President Should be Impeachable

To know that Trump's Evangelical right wing advisor, Robert Jeffress is prompting him to bomb North Korea makes me crazy.

Head of the First Baptist Dallas megachurch, Jeffress claims
that God gave the President "full power" to launch an attack
on North Korea.

This is reprehensible to any person of intelligence and awareness
of the world and the horrific consequences that would unfold. 
Millions of people would die...where is the Christian thinking on that? Is this group so immersed in an ideology of death and destruction...that "peace and love" are forgotten...apparently.

Why is Trump allowed to continue when he is damaging the country and the world with his unstable rhetoric as well as the ensuing corruption being done by his Administration? 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Police Mayhem in Minneapolis...Justine Damond Executed

Another horrible, unjustified murder by cop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Today, I read a sickening report of a woman being 
shot repeatedly by a policeman.

Justine Damond, a lovely woman, a month away from marrying, 
called 911 to report a sexual assault...2 cops appeared...while 
talking to the one on the driver's side, the other opened fire 
and killed her. 

My heart and why did this happen. Both cops had 
their body cams turned off and the car camera was not recording.
Were they hoping to get away with some awful crimes that night?
Were they on drugs? What can the reasoning be?

That state had 2 previous high profile murders by police...
one victim was Philanda Castile, the other Jamar Clark.
They appeared to be homicides as well, but, the officers
were not charged.