Monday, August 6, 2018

Was It Love At "First Sight"?

A friend asked me yesterday, if I felt it was "love at 
first sight" for me, when I met R. Not immediatly,
but, one day, soon after,  the light was shining on him 
in a most flattering way, and I found that my knees got 
weak. That had never happened to me before...

I mentioned this to him sometime later, and he wasn't
surprised, saying..."Oh yes, that's happened to ......,
......, ......, and ......" mentioning his previous conquests
that had experienced the same feeling.

At the time we started seeing each other, he was receiving
presents left at the back door, if we were out. Phone calls
at all hours, with the fun of hangups from one particular
girlfriend who couldn't let go. Sometimes, he had to hide
under the bed as the pursuers would look in the windows.

It took a number of years for the "ghosts of old girlfriends"
to stop hovering around...

That "weak in the knee" feeling is hard to ignore...!