Friday, June 1, 2018


I think just about every woman can relate to what's now termed the "Me Too" moment or moments in their lives. This movement certainly has changed the dynamics for many.

Sexual innuedo's and harrassment were part of everyday culture...when it came to employment, I was always on my to be polite and yet keep an "admirerer" at bay. 

A job on Martha's Vineyard, that I enjoyed, brought a number of challenges, though.
An island entrepreneur, R, hired me to work in his real estate office and at one of his hotels, 
as well. I saw little of him at the hotel, but, when I had to be at his office, things were
very different and difficult. As a receptionist, I didn't expect to have to fly with him on his private plane, face vulgar sexual comments when his buddies were visiting or be kissed when he called me into his office. His intentions became apparent quickly. It was more and more uncomfortable until a boyfriend came to visit and my "employer" saw us walking together...G had his arm around me. That seemed to incite such jealousy in R, that shortly after that, I no longer had a job. I had never given in to the entrepreneur's many invitations to dinner, etc., etc.

So, don't "give in"...and, you lose your job. I was so disappointed but happy that I stood my ground. 

I was lucky that no one was dependent on me at the time as is the case with so many women put in these incredibly difficult situations.