Friday, June 1, 2018


I think just about every woman can relate to what's now termed the "Me Too" moment or moments in their lives. This movement certainly has changed the dynamics for many.

Sexual innuedo's and harrassment were part of everyday culture...when it came to employment, I was always on my to be polite and yet keep an "admirerer" at bay. 

A job on Martha's Vineyard, that I enjoyed, brought a number of challenges, though.
An island entrepreneur, R, hired me to work in his real estate office and at one of his hotels, 
as well. I saw little of him at the hotel, but, when I had to be at his office, things were
very different and difficult. As a receptionist, I didn't expect to have to fly with him on his private plane, face vulgar sexual comments when his buddies were visiting or be kissed when he called me into his office. His intentions became apparent quickly. It was more and more uncomfortable until a boyfriend came to visit and my "employer" saw us walking together...G had his arm around me. That seemed to incite such jealousy in R, that shortly after that, I no longer had a job. I had never given in to the entrepreneur's many invitations to dinner, etc., etc.

So, don't "give in"...and, you lose your job. I was so disappointed but happy that I stood my ground. 

I was lucky that no one was dependent on me at the time as is the case with so many women put in these incredibly difficult situations.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Demonic DeportationTactics

Lawrence O'Donnell, on his MSNBC show, "The Last Word", said in 2011, that
Trump was "racists greatest hero". This was in the context of his "birther"
rants against President Obama. Always an agitator of the worst kind, he continues his twisted ideas about others that seem to threaten him. 

Now, as President, his ideas about Eugenics come more into play than ever.
This theory of white supremacy dominates so much of Trump's rants.

A faction in the US is so desensitized to the multicultural reality of the world, and respecting the differences created that he didn't need to work hard at 
bringing out the bigotry..creating more feelings of their inherent superiority in vulnerable minds...fueling their hatred.

The deportation of immigrants has turned into so many horror stories
since he began his "power trip".. taking children, as young as infants,   
from their parents if they attempt to enter the country is the latest threat, 
which is already underway. His approach has already been compared to Hitler's Gestapo.Their main purpose was to hunt out those considered a threat to Nazi

Trump is undermining so many strides that Barack Obama made during
his presidency, due to his own distorted ego. He attempted to discredit
him over and over again and, yet, while Obama championed human
rights, Trump stomps on them.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

"My Life" is not MY LIFE

I'm beyond frustrated with a website that should not be on the
internet. The site, called "My Life" is a scam site that publishes
inaccurate data on people without their knowledge or permission.

When I found this site under my name, and then went on to read 
the information, I was shocked. Although I never joined the site.
it creates false solicitation through stating that someone is
looking for the person to manipulate them to join up and pay
a fee.

There are over 500 complaints that I could find quickly stating
that this is a scam. I believe it is a company that should be sued
for false and misleading information...basically, I would like to
sue them for fraud.

What they posted on my site was inaccurate information and I wasn't able to delete it. I have called and written the site and
was told it would be removed but it remains on Google. 

They pick up info from social networks without checking on the
sources and post it...if someone has the same name, you might
get their info on your site, which could include arrest records.

Therefore, this site impacts the lives of people...mostly, in a totally
negative way and they have no control to stop it.