Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Depopulation No Longer Just a Conspiracy Theory With the Gop's Medical Plan

Speaking to my friend, J, today about the state of the country under T. and the absurdity of someone with his limited capacity to be in such a uniquely powerful position. His incredible history of corruption as well as those around him astonish us.

Now, we wonder if the GOP has depopulation in mind with their
horrific health care plan, that would deprive millions of the necessary benefits for the quality of life that we all deserve.
They could follow the plan of any other industrialized country to care for US citizens. But, it appears, their cruel ideas are based on their own greed...of being desensitized to the plight of the average citizen. They don't have to worry about their care, provided by their government benefits.

They want to prohibit abortions and also preexisting health conditions...how many babies will be born with serious medical needs, as well as these mothers...

So, I can't help but think "depopulation" is part of their agenda in this "alternate reality".