Sunday, April 30, 2017

Women's Rights Worsened By Latest Trump Appointee

Just when you think women's rights couldn't become more damaged, Mr. Trump appoints Charmaine Yoest as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs in the Department of Health and Human Services.

A woman raised by Protestant Evangelicals, Charmaine has worked hard to end all abortions in the country...through a small law firm call, AUL...from 2008-2016...24 of 92 anti abortion laws originated through this office.

Former president of the radical anti-abortion group, "Americans United for Life", she is against any exceptions for abortions, even rape or the illness of the mother. She is against birth control, science and same sex marriage. Her views will endanger Medicaid. Of course, she is against Planned Parenthood. 

Her boss, Tom Price, is also opposed to abortion and contraception.

Going backwards to damage the country through disregarding human rights seems to be a high point for Mr. Trump...another sad note upon so many others.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

An Explosion of Misogyny Manifests Itself

I have so many emotions regarding the prevalence of  misogyny that seems to be floating through the air. It's seems to be everywhere...

The White House is a hotbed of this attitude, from the President to various members of his group. He has stood behind Bill O'Reilly, who was recently bounced from Fox News for his pattern of sexual harassment, etc. with women on the staff. Although he and the head of the network, was let go, too, they received incredible payouts. What does that say?? 

The Republican Party has been called the "American Taliban" because of it's seeming contempt and discrimination against, it shows up in limiting their health care as one example. 

A poem regarding this attitude:

He has been storing up his fears over the years,
He spits his scorn, it's an armor, a shield he has worn.
He struts, the proud possessor, but the plot is to keep her the lesser.
Buried deep, it's a secret he keeps.
The terms are bleak, it's not life he seeks.
I can't be me, I won't let you be.
It roars through his pores, the world he has made, keeps her afraid.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Bombs Away...Trump Has 3 Bomb Shelters at Mar-a-lago and His Golf Club, Too!!

Nice to know our leader will be protected not only at Mar-a-lago, his Florida White House, with 3 bomb shelters, but also at the Trump International Golf Club, in West Palm Beach, where he is often seen playing.  All equipped to keep him safe so that he can play mind games with the North Korean dictator. Baiting each other with war in the wind, we don't know what will happen next...

Cereal heiress, Marjorie Merriweather Post, built the estate in 1927, and had the shelters installed during the Korean War.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Did You Really Think You Sent Missiles To Iraq??

I just read a news report about an interview the President had
with Maria Bartiromo, on his favorite network/show, "Fox News".

Am I losing my mind or should we all be more concerned than ever about the man in the power seat.

He was talking about the visit he had with Xi Zinping, the Chinese President. He mentioned the dinner they were having and how they'd just had the "most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you've
ever seen". Then he states, "We've just launched 
59 missiles to IRAQ". Wow, big mistake...wrong country!!

What does this mean about Mr. Trump...this was a big error.
He didn't correct himself...Ms. Bartiromo helped him along with
the correct country, being SYRIA. 

He's sending inflammatory tweets to N. Korea and yet wants to cut funding to the Coast Guard and other branches of security protecting the country from potential attacks from the sea by our  enemies.

Nothing makes sense with this man of contradictions and distortions...lies and, apparently, memory loss as well.