Sunday, March 26, 2017

"The Answer is Blowing in the Wind" (Bob Dylan), or Is It?

So many negative happenings with our new, I just read the Kremlin is standing behind Trump in the ongoing investigation/s regarding his, and many in his Administration, past and present, and their ties to Russia. It has been said for months that Mr. Putin does not like Hillary Clinton at all, and, therefore, helped in different ways to make sure that Donald Trump would win the election.

Many facts have come to light regarding the oil and huge money transactions that also tie these people together. Now, it has been announced that Mr. Putin has directed the Kremlin to threaten the US. not to interfere. Doesn't this present their involvement in obstructing the certainly seems to.

Seth Abrahamson has written an amazing report, "RussiaGate", detailing, step by step, how these connections fell into place. A must read for all who want to be aware of what is "real" news in "real" time.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Absurdity of the Current Administration

From Trump down to the members of his Administration, we seem to have a group of dangerous individuals, with a cruel agenda toward the people that elected them.

Their negative plans for our future include so many financial cuts that would endanger the lives of so many. Destruction and Donald go hand in hand...not only with medicare care, education, and human rights,(including so many issues), and the reputation of the country. His devious lies, unstable tweets and demeanor cause so many distress, anticipating his next statement. When Angela Merkel, the German Prime Minister, met with him yesterday, his rude, misogynistic attitude toward her was so apparent, it created an uproar and disdain for him in the German papers.

The defense budget is already way over what it should be and, yet, he wants to raise it "bigly". The US already spends 3 times more than any other country...but, he would cut Medicaid, food stamps,  school lunch, Meals on Wheels, health care through Planned Parenthood and on and on. Anything that "serves" the people will be axed...even programs that bring us pleasure, through the arts, like PBS and NPR...

The people around him are adversarial to the well being of all as well...creating some of these worst case scenarios with their Draconian ideas...