Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Running For Your Life...Horrific Attacks on Two Lovely Joggers

When I was 27 I was attacked on Martha's Vineyard. I hadn't thought about it in years, until I read about Vanessa Marcotte, also 27. She was killed while jogging in what has been described as an horrific attack, although few details have been revealed in the investigation, however parts of her body were burned. She was in a rural MA town, visiting her family, due to return to NYC where she was living and working the same day that she was found.

Another young woman, Karina Vetrano, 30, was killed about a week before, in Queen, NY. She, too, was jogging. No one has been arrested...She jogged in this area regularly, but, usually with her father.

I, too, had long dark hair as both girls did, when I was accosted...but, I wasn't jogging or wearing a tight outfit. I was walking home from work in the winter, wearing knee high boots and a heavy coat.

My attacker wasn't a brutal killer...he jumped me, taking me off balance and dragging me into woods. When I screamed, he threatened to kill me but, somehow, after being thrown on the ground, I was able to talk him out of raping me...he robbed me before he ran away and left me to always have the fear of the inevitability of this or something worse happening again. 

These lovely, vital young women beginning their adult lives
were victims of brutality I didn't experience but I know how it happens. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ghost Entities...Ghost Mists

A couple of weeks ago, I had the oddest "paranormal" experience. I was awakened, suddenly, and noticed the tiny yellow lights from the flat screen TV in front of the bed looked enormous and were streaming right at me. Then, a swirling mist appeared over the bed, to my right. I was, I turned a light on and everything was "normal". As soon as I turned it off, the strange mist was still there.

The next morning, I googled what I could describe and so many articles came up, describing "ghost mists"...people talked about waking up suddenly and experiencing the same thing...some described different colors. I didn't feel afraid at all...but, wonder if a "spirit" was hovering??

R. and I have both experienced "ghost-like" happenings...usually when we're alone in the house. We hear doors opening and closing, footsteps on the stairs, and sometimes voices.  Electrical items have suddenly turned on which is called an "intellectual haunting"...that the entity is trying to get attention.

Unexplainable and eerie...what will happen next?