Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cape Cod Murder Mystery Movie

A film titled, "Denton Harbor" will be released this summer...it's theme is the murder of a fashion writer who had returned to the Cape, after living and working in NYC. It's inspired by the crime that occurred in 2002. 

The story will revolve around the relationship that Christa Worthington had with her daughter's father, Tony Jackett, a married Provincetown resident. Shot on location in that town, the names have been changed in the film.

Several books were written about the crime..."Invisible Eden: A Story of Love and Murder on Cape Cod" by Maria Flook. It was an engrossing book...Christa was a member of a Truro family with a long history on the Cape, which the book describes as well as many interesting characters. I didn't read the other, "Reasonable Doubt: The Fashion Writer, Cape Cod, and the Trial of Chris McCowen", by Peter Manso, released in 2011...but, I plan on it now that the story is being brought up again. 

Arthur Egeli, an artist and filmmaker, is the film's producer and director...he states that the movie is "right in the middle of truth and fiction, where I think it should be to show the underlining humanity of a tragic event like this...".

I'll be interested to see how the filmmaker spins the story...the cast is made up of professional and local actors. The crime was so horrific...it cast a gloomy feeling around the picturesque towns of Truro and Provincetown. Living a few towns away, we love the drives along the back roads to the beaches... so serene and beautiful, but, the reality, sometimes, is so different...

Friday, December 11, 2015

Heroin Epidemic on Cape Cod Profiled in HBO Documentary

Academy Award Winning filmaker, Steve Okazaki, has directed a film for HBO, profiling 8 young heroin addicts on Cape Cod, a beautiful resort area in MA. He is quoted as saying, "there are few people I met in MA who didn't have a connection to this crisis".

"Heroin: Cape Cod, USA", will be shown on December 28th...it's described as an unsparing look at the lives of 8 heroin addicts their early 20's", dealing with "rehab, recovery and relapse". MA has an overdose rate double the national average...in 2014, the state had more than 1,250 deaths from
heroin overdoses. 85% of the crimes on Cape Cod are opiate related...heroin is affordable and easy to find.

The show will feature a meeting of "Parents Supporting Parents"...

We've lived on Cape Cod for many years...this is so sad....we had no idea of the severity of this problem.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Inn

I was an Innkeeper at a B&B in the town where I still live, in the mid 80's...it was a magical place to me...something about the aura of the old sea captain's house drew people in...it was very busy and fun. I left it behind when my Mother became very ill and needed my assistance.

A friend of mine, S., purchased the inn a few years later and enjoyed it like I did...  One night she invited me to meet R. at the inn...we've been together now for 18 years...he's my partner in crime. Maybe that happy feeling the inn always gave me was my intuition letting me know that something wonderful would happen there and it did...

Now, S. and I are having a holiday lunch after not seeing each other for awhile. She sold the inn years ago but we'll have to toast that special place for changing our lives in so many ways, 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chris Pine and Casey Affleck Star in "The Finest Hours" About Amazing Sea Rescue off Chatham

On January 29th, "The Finest Hours", a Disney movie, filmed partially here in Chatham, is due for release.

 It will be a suspenseful flick about the rescue of 32 members of the Pendleton, a 500' tanker that had broken in half off Chatham. 40-60 foot waves and 80 mph winds were tossing the ship around...but, a small group of incredibly brave Coast Guard men...actually 4, set out in the raging blizzard, in a 32' rescue boat to accomplish what is now considered the "greatest small boat rescue in the history of the US Coast Guard". The vessel, designed to hold 12 people, brought back 32 members of the Pendleton crew...losing only one in the ravaging storm.

A quote from Affleck in our local paper reads, "It's a real story about people in a terrifying situation who work together so they can survive".

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bavarian Cancer Cure?

My cousin, A., who lives on Block Island, is in a town in Bavaria, at the foot of the Bavarian Alps... visiting an alternative cancer clinic.  It's his second trip in the last several years, for maintenance of his disease which is at a very early stage and was under control. When I found out he had zeroed in on an alternative path, I was hopeful that he would find healing in this area of Germany where our fathers came from.

The program begins with detoxification and, then, strengthening of the immune system with diet and supplements. He'll have localized hyperthermia as his main treatment, as far as I know, although they offer low dose chemo which he doesn't need. Other treatments offered include phytotherapy, mistletoe, hormones, cytokines, immune therapy, galvanotherapy, as well as group therapy, guided imagery and art therapy. These are all advertised as offered in a happy and comfortable environment.

I hope alternative therapies will become widespread in the US...and not held back by the FDA, so that the pharmaceutical companies will no longer dominate the health care system.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

An Old Friend Remembers Gunnar Hansen

I was in Northeast Harbor, ME, for the summer, when I met Gunnar Hansen. He had finished making two movies at the time, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and " The Demon Lovers". He advised me not to see "TCM" as he thought it was awful...so, I never did. He certainly had no idea then, that today his agent, Mike Eisenstadt, would call him the "most iconic evil figure in the history of cinema".

The last time I saw him he visited me here, on Cape Cod, and we went to Provincetown for the afternoon. As we were walking down Commercial Street, a little girl that was walking toward us was intently looking at both of us. I'm sure he hoped that she had, somehow, recognized him, but, she came up to me and asked, "Are you Cher"?. It was very amusing...

A friend sent me a posting about his death, yesterday, of pancreatic cancer. Although we hadn't seen each other for many years, I'm deeply saddened...I found a packet of letters he'd written me that brings back happy memories of our times together...that's how I'll remember him.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Angelina Joli...A Radiant Humanitian

Angelina Joli impresses me so much...An award winning actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian she has shined a light on the Syrian refugee crisis as well as her own health crisis...

As Special Envoy for the UN High Commissionor for Refugees, she spoke, in April, at the UN Security Council taking them to task for their inaction regarding the plight of the  Syrian civil war refugees. She had visited the refugees at their camps 11 times. During the 13 years she has worked with the organization she has been on 40 field missions, in 30 countries. Her work has brought her worldwide recognition.

Bringing awareness to women's health as been another contribution she has made...publicly announcing that she was a carrier of the BRCAI gene that had brought early illness and death to her mother and other close family members. She valiantly went ahead with several operations to free herself of the possibility that she too would be a victim.

She has been raising a family and continuing to direct as well as star in films. Always glowing with a radiance that seems quite remarkable to me. Truly an amazing woman.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Going to Borneo with Anthony Bourdain

Charismatic Storyteller/Chef, Anthony Bourdain, takes us to "Parts Unknown", on his CNN lifestyle series...now in season 6. The show profiles this man of many talents exploring the history, food and culture of countries such as Ethiopia and Marseille this season, and so many others through the years, such as Colombia, Libya and Peru...Israel, Spain, India and on and on.

Everything, from the graphics, cinematography and history of these areas, that most of us have no idea about, opens up a world of discovery...the people, landscape and local cuisine are vividly presented. Sometimes a sad history will be revealed, such as that of the Congo, but, the spirit of the people that's captured is always uplifting.

Bourdain, a chef, author and TV personality, is the perfect traveler/host...his blend of intelligence and humor create the mood. The show is a revelation...TV at it's absolute best. Looking forward to a Borneo visit tomorrow night.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Max...Birthday Thoughts...

I was telling a friend about my Dad the other day. When he was seventeen he was in the "Battle of the Marne", in the lst World War--fighting for Germany. He escaped this fate within 6 months, due to being gassed--he also lost the hearing in one ear when a tank fell into the trench he was in. A Baroness from his hometown brought him to her villa to recover. My friend commented that my account was like a novel she had read. He was like a "hero" to me and my Mother--his quiet strength was always felt by us--his elegant demeanor magnitized people to him...

Thinking about him today as it's his birthday...he came to this country in 1928, from a beautiful village in the Black Forest of Southern Germany, near the spa town of Baden-Baden. He fell in love with my Mother, when she was 19 years old...at "first sight". But, they didn't get married for another 16 years, with different responsibilities keeping them apart. They inspired me with their total devotion to one another.

On his birthday, I like to think of his accomplishments...his creative mind as an inventor and engineer, his strength of character and discipline, his devotion to his family, but, most of all, I like to envision his beautiful smile that made everything better...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"A New World"...Discovered in Provincetown

We visited the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown recently...built between 1907-1910, to commemorate the first landing of the Pilgrims in 1620, and the signing in Provincetown Harbor of the Mayflower Compact. The Compact  is the first instance of a democratic society in the "New World". The amazing Monument is the tallest all granite structure in the U.S. (252 feet)...visitors can climb to the top on a series of stairs and ramps. Willard T. Sears was the winner of the design contest and based his idea on the Torre del Mangia, in Siena, Italy, built in 1309. President Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone for the Monument in 1907. Christmas lights are strung from the top of the monument to its base annually...lit in November, they illuminate the sky in a magical way.

R. and I toured the Provincetown Museum, at the base of Monument, which houses extensive exhibits depicting important events and people in Provincetown history, including the arts. I was so inspired by the bravery of the settlers,  their vision motivating them to set out on the unknown seas to find freedom and develop a "New World".

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Friendships...How to Recognize a "True" One...

I like referring to this article published in Gwyneth Paltrow's  newsletter, "Goop" in one of the earlier issues. It's an insightful piece examining friendships. She wondered "What do you do when you don't like a friend anymore, even if you have years of history. How do you realize if a friend makes you change for the better or if you're better off without them. Do you feel drained, empty, belittled or insulted after spending time with them...?"

One person she questions about this is Cynthia Bourgeault, an Episcopalian priest and writer who feels, "Whenever either party begins to feel this friendship is draining me, it's a tip-off. A true friendship has the capacity to grow with you, it's low maintenance regarding expectations and contact is never a duty, but a "heart to heart" gift".

Dr. Karen Binder Brynes, a New York psychologist states, "Good friends fill us with warmth, honesty and a sense of well being".

Often, I'll leave a friend feeling totally drained as I seem to pick up their feelings and moods so easily. I've had friends who could be belittling and insulting because they're feeling insecure or envious. Fearing confrontation, I've only recently been able to express my feeling to them in an attempt to reconstruct the relationship, but, I've learned, from the above, that you have to "examine" which are valuable and which aren't, for your well being.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sweet Dreams--Metaphysical Musings

I started having precognitive dreams in my 20's...rereading my journals, I was amazed at how many I've had through the years. They were mainly about people, but, also ranged from jobs to much more serious happenings. When I was living on Martha's Vineyard, I had a vivid dream of a tower...the next day, I was the victim of a vicious attack and robbery walking home from visiting friends.While driving by the area with the police, I saw the tower that was in my dream, which wasn't visible when walking. It was set back in the area where the incident took place.

They're always vivid and colorful and wake me up...many times R. was in trouble with dangerously low blood sugars...I would awaken from a dream knowing that  he needed help...I would wake up talking to "someone" directing me to notice his condition.

By far, the most interesting have been deceased relatives, some in an illuminated form, giving me messages.

When I recently heard from someone that hadn't been in my life for decades, I remembered a dream that preceded this...we were greeting each other.

Can precognition be inherited..I wonder, as my mother was clearly clairvoyant. Many psychics believe we all have the ability, to some extent...we just have to be open to it and develop our intuition.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Can the Magic of Music Transform the World

With the news of more brutality ravaging parts of the world, I turn to music to inspire me...

If only music could be a universal magic that could transform the world we live in now...it has such power to stir the senses and trigger all types of emotions...and, bring people of all cultures together.

Leonardo Da Vinci said, "Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony?"

Plato's quote: "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything".

Bono: "Music can change the world, because it changes people".

According to research, humans have used music as a form of social bonding since 40,000 BC.

But, now, with the world in incredible chaos, it's just a dream...

Thursday, October 8, 2015

War Reporters--Walking Into Danger While Capturing History

I recently read a book by Lynsey Addario, and before that, one by Janine de Giovanni...both women are war reporters. Lynsey is a photojournalist and Janine a sensitive writer, and both have written about their amazing careers, attempting to balance relationships with that dynamic. Their stories describe the danger and often miserable living conditions and, yet, they had to do it...had to get to the next war zone...willing themselves to get the best story or photos. They're truly heroines to me.

"Al Jazeera America" has a fascinating article, written by Jamie Tarbay, regarding the world of these risk takers, mentioning that "in the past three years, more than 100 professional and citizen journalists have been killed covering the war in Syria, more than 12 kidnapped by ISIL and other groups and four beheaded". Anthony Loyd, who has covered conflicts for years is quoted saying, "war is ruled by the dynamic of chaos"...reporters want to "relay history".

Dr Anthony Feinstein, a psychologist who works with those that experience combat journalism trauma, says that reporters covering war zones exhibit the same biological disposition as extreme sportsmen, firefighters or people in the military...with higher levels of dopamine...they are drawn to this type of excitement...an adventurous lifestyle.

This is so interesting to me as I couldn't imagine putting myself in their world and yet I admire their zeal and bravery as they sacrifice so much to capture the truth of war for all to know.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"Imagine All The People Living Life in Peace" John Lennon

"In the end, only three things matter:

 How much you loved...

 How gently you lived...

 And how gracefully you let things go not meant for you."


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wallace Bassford--American Artist...1900-1998

I had the pleasure of meeting Wallace Bassford and his wife, many years ago, at their home in Truro, here on Cape Cod. Wallace was known for his portraits, floral still lifes and female figure portraits. At this time, he was teaching at the North Truro School School of Art, in the summers. While visiting, he asked me if I'd pose for him that winter, at one of his "alla prima" painting demonstrations in Palm Beach. I felt honored to be asked, as his portraits were beautifully rendered--soft and romantic. When the time came, I was presented with a vintage couture gown to wear--long and tight, white lace, with a Spanish flair.

I watched Wallace enter the crowded room, from my perch. He appeared, dressed completely in white, as was his custom when doing this style of painting. "Alla prima" means he would finish my portrait in one sitting. Being quite a showman, each brushstroke was done with a flourish. He would stride away from the canvas after each stroke and then seem to dance back to it. At the end of the session, his outfit was still immaculate and the painting was sold.

It's such a great memory of a stylish, gifted artist...he and his wife were an elegant couple.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

"One of the Most Diversely Talented Individuals Ever to Have Lived in the World"

As so many, I'm fascinated by Leonardo da Vinci--a mysterious figure who transcended the mundane trials of day-to-day life to embody the ideal of the Renaissance man. I like the following description of him in a biography by Serge Bramly, attributed to Vasari, a painter and architect, who wrote this about him around 1550--"Celestial influences may shower extraordinary gifts on certain human beings, which is an effect of nature, but there is something supernatural in the accumulation in one individual of so much beauty, grace, and might".

An Italian polymath,born in 1452, his areas of interest included inventions, painting, sculpture, architecture, science, music, math, etc, etc. I learned that he rarely finished the works he began and there were very few of them. He was left-handed and a vegetarian. He was known to wear a rose-colored garment, which reached only to the knee, although the fashion of the time was for longer clothes. I would love to have met or even seen this amazing person...

Kenneth Clark devoted much of his life to studying him and wrote, "Leonardo is the Hamlet of art history, whom each of us must recreate for himself".

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Red Moon Madness

A total lunar eclipse,  also called a Blood Moon, will occur at 10:11PM ET, on Sunday...and, the moon will be closest to the Earth, a full moon, this is called a Supermoon. So, it's described as a Super Blood Moon...very big, very round, very red.

Two Christian evangelists, with large US followings, feel this signals the second coming of Jesus. They describe major earthquakes, and a possible 3rd world war...in other words, the Apocalypse. These pastors have been accused of manipulating the public with their dire prophecies in order to sell their books...each has written one and one of them is being made into a movie.

It's obvious that the world is in a bad state, but, I'm hopeful it'll be spinning around for many moons...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Seeing" The Future

My mother told me about "seeing" a bolt of lighting hitting a ship...the next day she received a message that her best friend, L., had been killed in the "SS Morro Castle" disaster, in 1934, off the coast of NJ. She had asked my mother to accompany her and two other friends on a cruise to Havana. Mom was unable to go...but the other friends did go and survived the fire that spread throughout the ship by running through the flames to a lifeboat deck. L. panicked and jumped overboard, hitting her head on something and drowning. Of the 549 on board, 251 lost their lives. Mystery surrounds the disaster...the captain died shortly before the fire broke out...some think of a heart attack, some say he was murdered. Then, when the fire was discovered, all power went out and complete darkness engulfed the liner...the majority of lifeboats were filled with crew members...terrible confusion had ensued. Many passengers said that lightening had started the fire...

When my mother "saw" the images of the lightning bolt hitting the ship, it was from "reading" her teacup. She would be considered a psychic medium, but, never thought of herself in that way. Her intuition was highly attuned throughout her life...at a very early age, she was able to interpret representations in cups and cards and by picking up on a person's energy. She had precognitive dreams throughtout her life...always amazing me with her predictions.

Strangely enough, my mother and L. had gone to a psychic, in NYC, before L. took the trip...he told L. that "if you go over deep water, you will never return"...my mother reminded her of this, but, tragically, she paid no attention to it.

The story made such an impression on me as a child...and, observing my mother, I can only be open to all dimensions of sensitivity...

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Crisis on Cape Cod...Heroin

More and more newspaper articles are being printed about the heroin epidemic, here, on Cape Cod. Our local paper profiled three Chatham families who have been touched by the drug--taking the lives of three people...two men and a young woman.

Many Cape towns are being hit hard by drug abuse and overdoses, especially heroin and oxycodone. Several previous articles pointed out that during the first 80 days of 2015, there have been 134 documented overdoses...Yarmouth, a nearby town, seeing them happen every other or everyday.

There is a thriving recovery community on the Cape, with treatment centers, 12 step and faith based groups, as well as support from those in recovery. "What Happened Here, The Untold Story of Addicts on Cape Cod", is a full length documentary, produced and directed by Sam Tarplin, a Falmouth native and recovering addict. The film profiles addicts, families, law enforcement and community leaders affected by addiction and recovery on the Cape. He hopes to break the negative stigma placed on addicts as all types of people fall into this category.

Hopefully, there can be more education about this problem to curtail the potentially tragic outcomes...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Black Forest Artist--Wilhelm Kimmich

My father's childhood friend, Wilhelm Kimmich, is considered the "Matisse" of the Black Forest, in Germany. He painted this mystical area until his death at age 89. We visited his studio, during my childhood--his artistic presence left a lasting impression on me. I've inherited a number of his oil paintings, watercolors and sketches--they're a comforting link to my heritage and the haunting beauty of the area, in the Southwestern region, known for its highlands, scenery and woods. Baden-Baden, renowned as a health spa town, is known as the "gateway" to the Black Forest. Health resorts are dotted all over the area now, whose thermal springs have been prized since Roman times. Waterways like the Danube, Lake Constance and numerous waterfalls, medieval architecture and vineyards add to the enchantment of the area...

Kimmich also traveled to the French Riviera to paint, which brings my thoughts to Picasso who had a villa high in the hills there--a fascinating, seductive figure in the art world. Matisse had a large studio there, also. Then, I think of the French Impressionists, especially Monet, who have greatly influenced my way of seeing the world...a light-filled world of seascapes and gorgeous gardens.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Zen Quote of Gratitude

I like this quote by Zen Master Goto Roshi...it seems appropriate to bring to mind today:

"Make your whole life unceasing gratitude.

 What is Zen? Simple, simple, so simple.

 Infinite gratitude toward all things past,
 Infinite service to all things present,
 Infinite responsibility to all things future."

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 9th...Thoughts of My Mother

My mother was so important in my life and when she died 19 years ago, I felt I lost part of myself.
Today is her birthday, and I know she wants me to remember her this way:

"Better by far you should forget and smile
than that you should remember and be sad."

Those are the last two lines of the poem, "Remember", written by the 19th century English poet, Christina Rossetti, who was rediscovered by feminist scholars in the 1070's...

My mother, too, was a feminist...raised as a Roman Catholic she, however, thought for herself...always in a progressive way.  She advocated abortion, always concerned with the quality of life. She was a pioneer in the working world of women. In the early 1940's, she traveled around the country on assignments as an accountant for a large firm, based in NYC. While living there, she'd attend operas and Broadway productions, often by herself. Her intuition was highly attuned--she was just as connected to the metaphysical/spiritual realm as to the "real" world.

I know my mother lived a life of "grace"...that has inspired me always...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Fascinating American Artist...William Merritt Chase

One of my favorite American artists is William Merritt Chase. He has been described as a natural performer and a great showman, as great a self-promoter, as he was an artist. His charismatic traits assured him a devoted following of students, among them Georgia O'Keeffe, Charles Hawthorne, Joseph Stella and Rockwell Kent.

Some of his quotes are so interesting, like the following:

"...the aim of every great artist, as far as technique goes, is, to as great an extent as possible to do away with the intermission between his head and his hand..."

"The profession of the artist is one of the most ancient that we know, and as I tell the students about to enter it, the most dignified."

Monday, September 7, 2015

"The Artist in His Studio"

I came upon one of my favorite books in my art library, "The Artist in His Studio", by Alexander Liberman. It's a visual treat, as the author visited the studios of many of the great painters and sculptors who in lived in France during the twentieth century, among them: Cezanne, Monet, Renoir, Braque, Matisse, Miro, and Picasso. Mr. Liberman "uses the visual elements of their art and lives to elucidate the deep sources of their inspiration and greatness: the light, the landscapes, the intellectual passion, the profound human relationships".

The book is an amazing journey into the creative lifestyles of so many dynamic individuals...

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Thoughts About Love

Some find "true" love elusive, others find it right in front of them...some find it early, some late, some never.

For those that have found a profound love, this quote, by Lao Tzu, will resonate:

"To love someone deeply gives you strength,
  Being loved by someone deeply, gives you courage."

Friday, September 4, 2015

American Impressionist...Childe Hassam

I just have to look at Childe Hassams's paintings of the sea and sea gardens to be uplifted. Many of his most beautiful works were scenes of the Isles of Shoals, 10 miles off the coast of New Hampshire. Hassam's lush, richly colored gardens have a magical quality.

It was in this setting that Celia Thaxter, a poet and journalist, established an informal salon. She attracted artists, writers and musicians to her home on Appledore Island. Her gardens were celebrated in Hassam's sensuous works, capturing their brilliant colors and wild beauty.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Robert E. Driscoll, Artist and Mentor

I have so much to thank Robert Driscoll for...he was a mentor and friend who encouraged me to pursue an artistic career. He generously shared his skills and knowledge and was always fun and inspiring to be around. Although he was recovering from serious surgery when we met, his charismatic spirit attracted all ages. His studio/gallery at the Osterville Harbor reflected his whimsical nature. When I first visited there, he showed me a newspaper article written about him, in which he stated that he wanted to bring "happiness to the world through his paintings". I know he achieved this in his art, which truly expressed the person he was--playful and happy  to be alive, capturing the beauty he saw in nature, through his floral and marine works, He was truly a unique individual.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WMVY Radio...Inspires Me...

One of the most streamed internet radio stations in the world, "WMVY FM, 88.7", is located on the island of Martha's Vineyard. I've been listening to this amazing station, since it started, over 30 years ago. Considered adult album alternative radio, it's a station I would find difficult to live without. I've been introduced to so many great artists, through the years, by an appealing, enthusiastic group of DJ's.

The station has a powerful new signal and can be heard loud and clear...I suggest anyone would like the mix of rock, folk, blues, jazz, etc....new artists and established are rotated beautifully...it's a happy mix of tunes that inspire me, especially when I'm painting.

Monday, August 31, 2015

A Cape Cod Artist

Based in Chatham, the elbow of Cape Cod, I'm constantly inspired, as an artist to paint the natural beauty that surrounds me...the ocean, sand and shadings of the sky...the vividness of the natural light, have influenced much of my  work. Meeting well-known Cape artists like Henry Hensche, Edmund Oppenheim and Wallace Bassford, inspired my interest in pursuing the life of an artist. The Rhode Island School of Design Museum was a magical place to visit when I lived in RI, as a teenager. Later, studying privately with Robert Driscoll, an internationally known artist, here and in Palm Beach, FL, continued to motivate me and I started working in a Realistic Impressionistic style, mainly focusing on seascape and garden scenes of Cape Cod...I know it will be a lifetime of experimentation and growth and that challenge makes me happy! To view a selection of my work, click into my website:

Thursday, August 27, 2015

An Award Winning Gallery...Palette Fine Art Gallery--Sandwich, MA

A great destination while visiting Cape Cod, would be the Palette Fine Art Gallery, in historic Sandwich...First Exit On/Last Exist Off. The gallery, in business for a little over a year, has recently been given the Silver Award for "Best Art Gallery" on the Upper Cape, by "Cape Cod Life Magazine", in their "Best of 2015" issue.

The gallery is a charming reflection of the owner's charismatic personality...a multi talented musician, artist and performer, he wanted to leave the hectic lifestyle of touring behind and was drawn back to the beauty and serenity of the Cape, where he'd summered while growing up. Still writing and recording music for TV and Film, he paints as well and exhibits his work along with the artists he has carefully chosen to be part of the gallery.

Chris's hit song, "All Because of You" was featured on the popular TV show, "Dawson's Creek". A special touch at the gallery, is an autographed Bruce Springsteen guitar, given to him by "Billboard Magazine".

Visit this fun gallery...you'll feel comfortable viewing beautifully displayed artwork...and stop for lunch or coffee a few steps away, at another award winning spot, Cafe Chew...