Thursday, June 21, 2018


I can't stop thinking about the children "kidnapped" by the US
Government, from their parents, while trying to find asylum here.

Something so monstrous has been generated by Trump and his Administration. The pain they have inflicted will go on and on as
these families may never be reunited. This "policy" has torn so many children away from their parents, to detention centers all over the country. Journalists and lawyers are being turned away from viewing these centers...Why is that? I've read that drugs are being
"fed" to groups of kids...they're traumatized as are their parents.

The contractors involved in building these centers receive enormous amounts of money...they also spent millions on
Trump's campaign, to get him into power.

Has money created this quickly it has taken over and
dehumanized so many in charge of this atrocity. There has to
be justice...those in charge must face consequences...

What will happen next...what does the Government intend to
do with these kids, at least 2,300 as of now...??

I'm heartbroken thinking of the infants and small children,
especially, that are enduring this.

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