Thursday, October 26, 2017

Beyond Belief...Deportation Horror Story for 10 Year Old Girl in Trumpland...

Trump's "Twilight Zone" is ever present. Today I read about
a 10 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy being detained by 
Federal Immigration authorities in Texas. Rosamaria
was on her way to have emergency gall bladder surgery.
Border agents (ICE) followed  her to the hospital and waited 
for her to have surgery...outside her room...until they could arrest her and take her to a detention center, 150 miles away from her parent's home. This is described as "an internment camp" for migrant children.

Her parents are undocumented immigrants living in Laredo,
Texas. ICE agents lied to the family about where she was, saying she'd been taken to a hospital in Mexico and not to Corpus Christie, where she actually was. How will she recover from this trauma?

I was 10 when I was hospitalized...having seizures I couldn't ask my parents to stay with me...I couldn't speak. I can remember the horrible feeling of abandonment and fear...

The torture this family is going through is wrong and so
cruel. This girl posed no threat...her family was desperate to help her. The inhumanity of this most unreasonable "kidnapping"
must be resolved and never happen again.

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