Monday, July 17, 2017

Police Mayhem in Minneapolis...Justine Damond Executed

Another horrible, unjustified murder by cop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Today, I read a sickening report of a woman being 
shot repeatedly by a policeman.

Justine Damond, a lovely woman, a month away from marrying, 
called 911 to report a sexual assault...2 cops appeared...while 
talking to the one on the driver's side, the other opened fire 
and killed her. 

My heart and why did this happen. Both cops had 
their body cams turned off and the car camera was not recording.
Were they hoping to get away with some awful crimes that night?
Were they on drugs? What can the reasoning be?

That state had 2 previous high profile murders by police...
one victim was Philanda Castile, the other Jamar Clark.
They appeared to be homicides as well, but, the officers
were not charged. 

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