Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Running For Your Life...Horrific Attacks on Two Lovely Joggers

When I was 27 I was attacked on Martha's Vineyard. I hadn't thought about it in years, until I read about Vanessa Marcotte, also 27. She was killed while jogging in what has been described as an horrific attack, although few details have been revealed in the investigation, however parts of her body were burned. She was in a rural MA town, visiting her family, due to return to NYC where she was living and working the same day that she was found.

Another young woman, Karina Vetrano, 30, was killed about a week before, in Queen, NY. She, too, was jogging. No one has been arrested...She jogged in this area regularly, but, usually with her father.

I, too, had long dark hair as both girls did, when I was accosted...but, I wasn't jogging or wearing a tight outfit. I was walking home from work in the winter, wearing knee high boots and a heavy coat.

My attacker wasn't a brutal killer...he jumped me, taking me off balance and dragging me into woods. When I screamed, he threatened to kill me but, somehow, after being thrown on the ground, I was able to talk him out of raping me...he robbed me before he ran away and left me to always have the fear of the inevitability of this or something worse happening again. 

These lovely, vital young women beginning their adult lives
were victims of brutality I didn't experience but I know how it happens. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ghost Entities...Ghost Mists

A couple of weeks ago, I had the oddest "paranormal" experience. I was awakened, suddenly, and noticed the tiny yellow lights from the flat screen TV in front of the bed looked enormous and were streaming right at me. Then, a swirling mist appeared over the bed, to my right. I was, I turned a light on and everything was "normal". As soon as I turned it off, the strange mist was still there.

The next morning, I googled what I could describe and so many articles came up, describing "ghost mists"...people talked about waking up suddenly and experiencing the same thing...some described different colors. I didn't feel afraid at all...but, wonder if a "spirit" was hovering??

R. and I have both experienced "ghost-like" happenings...usually when we're alone in the house. We hear doors opening and closing, footsteps on the stairs, and sometimes voices.  Electrical items have suddenly turned on which is called an "intellectual haunting"...that the entity is trying to get attention.

Unexplainable and eerie...what will happen next?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Abdul Edhi...An Amazing Hero for Humanity

A truly unique, saint like presence, Abdul Edhi, died at 88, on Friday. Known as "Father Teresa of Pakistan", this remarkable man created a social welfare system in Pakistan...the Edhi Foundation, started 60 years ago, which has expanded through private donations. It includes nursing homes, orphanages, soup kitchens, family planning centers, hostels and Pakistan's largest ambulance service.

Tending to his mother who was ill during his teenage years, apparently formed his need to help humanity. He created his charitable empire out of now expands to help other countries in emergency situations as well.

He lived as an ascetic...his lifestyle was austere...married to a nurse who worked along side him in his foundation, he had 4 children.

Nominated 7 times for the Nobel Peace Prize, he is often described as having "boundless compassion". He's quoted as saying, "People have become educated but have yet to become human".

This man should be known by all...I just heard about him on BBC radio. If one man can accomplish so much through his love, it should make us all question ourselves...

Friday, July 8, 2016

Sandra Bland Should Be Remembered...A Victim of Police Brutality in Texas A Year Ago

I thought of Sandra Bland today, while watching reports about the police shootings in Dallas, TX.
A black army veteran opened fire on white police, killing 5 at a protest in that city last night...he was protesting 2 murders of black men caught on tape...killed by white police.

Sandra Bland was, by all reports, a striking 28 year old black women, on her way to a new job, in Texas. She was a bright and compassionate woman who had had a lot of disappointments and sadness in her life, but, was excited about a "new beginning"...

Driving through Waller County, a well known racist stronghold, she was pulled over by a white cop...Brian Encinia, allegedly for failing to signal a turn. Dash cam video of the arrest caused outrage...she was brutalized...then brought to a horrible jail. Unfortunately, her family was trying to get $500 bail money... a couple of days passed and then she was "found" dead in her cell. Her death was ruled a suicide by hanging with a plastic bag.

Mystery surrounds her March of this year, the forensic lab autopsy showed that the time of death was not as originally reported which raises questions about the original investigation. Other questions have arisen, as well, regarding her treatment in the jail...and, what really happened to cause her death...

Her family has filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against DPS, Waller County, the cop, Brian Encinia, and 2 jailors.

Sandra's death is all the more tragic as she should never have been arrested in the first place...I hope there will be justice done in this case...a jury trial is scheduled for January, 2017.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Do You Believe in Reincarnation??

When I was 28 my mother surprised me with a statement I'd made when I was a baby, just starting to speak. She said that she asked me where I came from and I answered by saying, "I was riding on an angel's wing, when I looked down and chose you". She had never said the word "angel" to me, nor had my father. She was so amazed and wasn't sure what to do with that information...apparently, that's why she hadn't mentioned it. Perhaps we were talking about something metaphysical when she brought it up, I don't remember.

That quote was online as I'd commented on an article on the subject of children's memories of life before birth. I'd forgotten all about until yesterday when I was contacted by a woman who'd written a  book, with her husband, titled, "Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life Before Birth".
Elizabeth and Neil Carman are researching another book on the subject and asked permission to use my quote.

The reviews of "Cosmic Cradle" are amazing...5 stars on Amazon. They did 40 years of research and exploration of human consciousness and the reality of reincarnation. Theirs is a fascinating study of the soul's preexistence...and, touch on subjects like, do we choose our life and our parents.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Clarissa Ward of CNN Inside Syria

I'm amazed by the sacrifice and bravery of war reporters....Clarissa Ward is CNN's Senior International Correspondent, who risks her life to be a "voice" for those trapped in the horrific war zone of Syria. CNN is currently showing her report from rebel held regions in the North, done in February. She wore a niqab, which created a feeling of respect and trust, as well as helping her stay undercover. Because of the Russian intervention, she felt she had to risk all to "bear witness" to the bombardment"...and be able to tell the world "What is it like for the people living under the bombs", the bombing being constant.

Clarissa has lost friends and colleagues in this civil war, that began five years ago, since protests started about the government of Bashar al-Assad. 10 journalists have been killed in Syria in the last year and some are still being held. The UN estimates that 250,000+ have died and 4.8 million have been forced to flee the country.

The fractured buildings, destroyed by bombing, with Clarissa reporting in front of them, in her black niqab was a stark reminder of the horror of this savage war...the incredible tragedy that is ever present.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Janine di Giovanni Writes About The Brutal Conflict in Syria...

A renowned war correspondent, Janine di Giovanni, has written another book that I'm anxious to read.

"The morning They Came for Us: Dispatches from Syria", is her latest book about life in a country under siege. In her writing style, she is sensitive, very perceptive,  yet brutally honest about what she encounters in the horror of this war zone. An award winning journalist, her latest book gives an account of  life in Syria through the observations of a doctor, a musician  and a nun...She has the ability to bring a world alive to those who will read about this brutal conflict.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Reminiscing About Sunny Days in Palm Beach

Spoke to several friends in warmer climates...makes me reminisce about my times in sunny and warm Palm Beach, FL, exhibiting and doing large one, at Brazilian Court Hotel. Working with my mentor, Robert, we did watercolors for all the guest rooms and a large tropical scene for a lobby area. We worked, too, at a poolhouse on an estate...we were asked to paint the race horses of the owner's friends in a huge mural, covering all the walls. Another fun memory was going to the Wellington Polo Club, to the polo matches and to sketch.

Each was a great experience and helped me to progress as an artist in so many ways...

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Another Woman Murdered in Mexico--Another Mayor... Gisela Mota

Because mayors usually appoint local police chiefs, organized crime in Mexico likes to eliminate them as they're a major threat to their drug cartels, etc. I was upset to learn another woman, who had been in "office" for one day had been gunned down in her home by 4 men. She wanted to directly confront crime in her area of Temixco.

In 2012, I wrote about another woman, Maria Santos Gorrostieta. She's called a "heroine of the 21st century" and an "icon" for her determination to keep the "truth" alive regarding the horrific crimes of the drug cartels. She was abducted, savagely tortured and killed. Maria had been mayor of Tiquicheo, west of Mexico City...from 2008-2011. Her dedication to eradicating the drug cartels destroying her country cost her 2 assassination attempts and her life. The first attempt, in 2009, left her injured and her husband dead. The second came three months later..she was hit by three bullets when a gang with assault rifles surrounded the van she was traveling in. Her injuries left her in constant pain. But, she continued her fight for justice, A strikingly beautiful woman, Maria, trained as a physician, left 3 children, and, at that time, her second husband was missing.

 By 2012, about 24 mayors had been murdered and 60,000+ people killed in clashes between rival cartels and security forces since President Calderon started his drug offensive in 2006.The police are corrupt, with the army attempting to keep some order and obviously failing as bodies are constantly being found. I don't know current statistics but find it difficult to understand how another woman would be so fearless or, perhaps, foolhardy, to believe she would survive against the the unending violence of her country.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Picasso's "Goddess", Francoise Gilot

Picasso's famous statement to his companion of many years, artist Francoise Gilot, was that there are only "two kinds of women: doormats and goddesses". A beautiful and strong woman who met Picasso when she was just 21, she has thrived by always keeping her independence. This always bothered Picasso during their 10 years together as his muse and mother of two of his children.

Now 93, French artist Francoise  has lived in New York City for many years...she has a huge body of work, including 1,800 paintings and approximately 4-5,000 drawings.She is working on drawings now in her studio.

The current "Town and Country" magazine has a very interesting article about her, by Lesley M.M. Blume. I was fascinated by her relationship with Picasso, reading about it while I was studying painting..."Life with Picasso"...her own memoir.

Now, she has a new book, "About Women", a memoir in dialogue form, written with her friend and co-author, Lisa Alther. Coming out this month, Francoise discusses the differences she finds between American and French women and their attitudes about men, among other things.

I will look so forward to her new book, as everything with a French sensibility inspires me....especially the artists. Francoise is certainly amazing...I love this quote of hers, cited in the article, "A goddess is a goddess because she sees things from higher up".