Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chris Pine and Casey Affleck Star in "The Finest Hours" About Amazing Sea Rescue off Chatham

On January 29th, "The Finest Hours", a Disney movie, filmed partially here in Chatham, is due for release.

 It will be a suspenseful flick about the rescue of 32 members of the Pendleton, a 500' tanker that had broken in half off Chatham. 40-60 foot waves and 80 mph winds were tossing the ship around...but, a small group of incredibly brave Coast Guard men...actually 4, set out in the raging blizzard, in a 32' rescue boat to accomplish what is now considered the "greatest small boat rescue in the history of the US Coast Guard". The vessel, designed to hold 12 people, brought back 32 members of the Pendleton crew...losing only one in the ravaging storm.

A quote from Affleck in our local paper reads, "It's a real story about people in a terrifying situation who work together so they can survive".

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bavarian Cancer Cure?

My cousin, A., who lives on Block Island, is in a town in Bavaria, at the foot of the Bavarian Alps... visiting an alternative cancer clinic.  It's his second trip in the last several years, for maintenance of his disease which is at a very early stage and was under control. When I found out he had zeroed in on an alternative path, I was hopeful that he would find healing in this area of Germany where our fathers came from.

The program begins with detoxification and, then, strengthening of the immune system with diet and supplements. He'll have localized hyperthermia as his main treatment, as far as I know, although they offer low dose chemo which he doesn't need. Other treatments offered include phytotherapy, mistletoe, hormones, cytokines, immune therapy, galvanotherapy, as well as group therapy, guided imagery and art therapy. These are all advertised as offered in a happy and comfortable environment.

I hope alternative therapies will become widespread in the US...and not held back by the FDA, so that the pharmaceutical companies will no longer dominate the health care system.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

An Old Friend Remembers Gunnar Hansen

I was in Northeast Harbor, ME, for the summer, when I met Gunnar Hansen. He had finished making two movies at the time, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and " The Demon Lovers". He advised me not to see "TCM" as he thought it was, I never did. He certainly had no idea then, that today his agent, Mike Eisenstadt, would call him the "most iconic evil figure in the history of cinema".

The last time I saw him he visited me here, on Cape Cod, and we went to Provincetown for the afternoon. As we were walking down Commercial Street, a little girl that was walking toward us was intently looking at both of us. I'm sure he hoped that she had, somehow, recognized him, but, she came up to me and asked, "Are you Cher"?. It was very amusing...

A friend sent me a posting about his death, yesterday, of pancreatic cancer. Although we hadn't seen each other for many years, I'm deeply saddened...I found a packet of letters he'd written me that brings back happy memories of our times together...that's how I'll remember him.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Angelina Joli...A Radiant Humanitian

Angelina Joli impresses me so much...An award winning actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian she has shined a light on the Syrian refugee crisis as well as her own health crisis...

As Special Envoy for the UN High Commissionor for Refugees, she spoke, in April, at the UN Security Council taking them to task for their inaction regarding the plight of the  Syrian civil war refugees. She had visited the refugees at their camps 11 times. During the 13 years she has worked with the organization she has been on 40 field missions, in 30 countries. Her work has brought her worldwide recognition.

Bringing awareness to women's health as been another contribution she has made...publicly announcing that she was a carrier of the BRCAI gene that had brought early illness and death to her mother and other close family members. She valiantly went ahead with several operations to free herself of the possibility that she too would be a victim.

She has been raising a family and continuing to direct as well as star in films. Always glowing with a radiance that seems quite remarkable to me. Truly an amazing woman.